domingo, 17 de fevereiro de 2013

Let's talk about madness

Let's talk about madness.

Dostoievsky did it when he wrote "The double" - and just for a close call I am not as crazy as his hero now.

After read this russian drama I went to Wonderland with Lewis Carrol. Wow, that was an amazing experience!

But, unfortunatelly, I had to close the book and come back to my reality.

For a few minutes, while I was browsing on the internet, I saw so many unbelievable news! The Pope resigned, a meteor visits our russian friends, a lot of people kill other ones for any  reason - are there any reason to kill other one? - and many other strange cases.

It is really hard to believe that we are not living in a mad world. It is particulary interesting to see all these people who try to establish "standards of conduct", that imposes what is correct and what is not. Is there a magic recipe? I don't think so.

If it is so good to live on the perfect way of reality, why so many people are destroying the enviroment, killing theirselves, and resigning their worlds?

Maybe it's time to visit Wonderland, Nárnia, or any other fantastic place.

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